Enhancement Program (R&D):
Briton Information Technology Systems expertise regularly updates BRITON to stay up-to- date with the latest industry standards (ISO and QMS), market dynamics and evolving technology.

Accreditation & Registration:

BRITON is an internationally recognized and registered ERP system. Its strong endorsements are its accreditations.


BRITON is empowered with training programs to all managerial and user levels using international standard concepts and methods. Our certified instructors provide interactive education in an effort to help the trainees gain understanding and hands-on skills of the solution.

User Training: Teaches business user application terminology, basic application functions, how to navigate through the screens, resolve alerts and use the help facility. Lesson covers application terminology, basic application functions, and security rights including how to log on and off.

Management Training: Teaches executives and supervisors report features and how to track workflow activities.

Administrator training: provides information on installation procedures, troubleshooting, regular system maintenance and administering the system.


Briton Information Technology Systems delivers a complete set of BRITON product documentation in electronic format to facilitate distribution with each deployment. The documentation is designed to provide ample reference information for the successful use and administration of BRITON. Updated documentation is provided as required with every full product release.
Furthermore, Briton Information Technology Systems. Provides customers with every patch release the related installation procedure and release notes describing the issue enhanced/corrected


Briton Information Technology Systems provides customer support during business hours according to global service levels, where we capture calls through, phone, email, fax and mobile. Our commitment to the market is “We Care…We Make it happen”. We are client focused and delivery oriented. Our realization of our clients’ needs is the core of our support services.
We are able to provide the right support upon the collective expertise of professionals. Briton Information Technology Systems

  • Subject matter experts will provide customers with advice and assistance relating to day- to-day enquiries in respect of the use or operation of BRITON by:
  • Providing assistance in identifying, diagnosing and verifying the causes of suspected errors
  • Remote correction of verifiable and reproducible errors relating to critical and major alarms
  • Studying the activation of new releases, upgrades and enhancements
  • Remote delivery of all major and minor releases to the subscribed product and all minor releases to the licensed platform as they become generally available.